Sunday, August 28, 2011

LUTRON | Saving Energy in Style

When it comes to saving energy. Lutron has been the manufacture that has set the standard in lighting controls. Not only does Lutron set the standard in residential and commercial solutions for energy saving. They also lead the pack in design. Case in point, the Vierti dimmer switch.

Not only is the Vierti switch sleek. But it's functions are to the point. With it's simple single-touch and precise lighting control. The illuminated LED bar softly glows and indicates on/off status, while making the dimmer easy to locate in darkened rooms. The audible soft beep indicates when you engage the dimmer. Another key feature is that the Vierti can have customizable settings with Advanced Programming Mode (APM).

For those fashion forward home-owners. You don't have to wear clothes to be in style. You can also save energy in style!

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